Luno Exchange and Wallet Review 2022 Is It Safe and Legit?

Some of them sell hardware wallets, while others offer gift cards or an option to pay for another service using cryptocurrencies. In this Luno review, I’m going to go through everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency platform. I’ll cover the payment methods you can use, supported cryptocurrencies, the fees you’ll be charged, and much more. Luno has created mobile applications for Android and iOS devices that offer users the same features and functions as the web version of the platform.

luno exchange review

Verification level and the amount you can trade depends on how much documentation you’ve provided. Once you have a wallet, you can send crypto to it from other wallets using the wallet address. You’ll be asked to provide an ID document, a selfie, proof of residential address, and proof of residency. Once you’ve submitted all the information, the exchange will review it and let you know if it has been accepted.

Summary: Perfect for Beginners

My UK bank transfer credited in about 20 minutes, which really isn’t that long to wait. You’ll pay 1.5% in fees when you buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with GBP deposited with a UK bank transfer. However, you’ll pay a maximum of 0.1% in fees if you use the Luno Exchange instead. Luno has been in the business of providing digital asset exchange services for a decade. The company was founded at a time when cryptocurrencies were not widely known or accepted, but their vision of making the industry simple and accessible helped them achieve success. For instance, if you are living in Europe, Luno gives their users the option to deposit through SEPA bank transfers, or credit/debit cards.

Even if you are a beginner or a complete amateur who does not know anything about the crypto industry, you can hop on to the platform and learn from scratch. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation.

luno exchange review

Most of the cryptocurrency funds Luno manages are stored in cold wallets, crypto wallets that aren’t connected to the internet. Luno stores these cold wallets in physical bank vaults inside safe deposit boxes, which it calls “deep-freeze” storage. Only specific individuals can access these safety deposit boxes, and no one has access to more than one. Cryptocurrency deposits are free, where cryptocurrency withdrawals have dynamid fees that depend on the network traffic at the time. Luno’s motto is that cryptocurrency is for everyone, and it lives up to that with a beginner-friendly design. This is one of the simpler crypto exchanges, though, with a small selection and very few features.

Luno Review 2023

However, if you do not like what you have learned about Luno, there are better exchanges, of course. Check through the exchanges section of this website and you may find your fit among them all. With this feature, it will make it easier to invest your funds.

This is a trading platform which allows you to submit market orders and limit orders . You can use Luno via a browser or a mobile app – either way, it’s all been designed with beginners in mind. All content on CaptainAltcoin is provided solely for informational purposes. It is not an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment. After activating your account, you will need to verify your account by verifying your identity with Luno.

  • Limits on transactions depend solely on the verification level.
  • To activate your account, Luno will send you an email to confirm you have access to the email address you used to register.
  • Read on to find out why we think there are better options out there than Luno.

Take a look below to see what areas I think Luno could improve in. Before you start buying and selling on Luno, you must have a fully verified Luno account. For that, you will have to verify your identity by submitting the required documents. Luno has a separate section for guides and tutorials where they have explained almost every feature available on the exchange. You can learn how to get started and what to be wary of when you invest in and trade crypto.

Major African and Southeast Asian Fiat Currencies Supported

As with most trading platforms, Luno offers a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. The benefit of this is that you avoid moving your assets back and forth between the platform and your wallet. The advantage of this approach is that you save time and fees. For starters, Luno supports less traded fiat currencies such as the Indonesian rupiah, the Malaysian ringgit, and the Nigerian Naira. Not surprisingly, this has made Luno especially popular in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria. Luno allows residents in more than 40 countries to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and 5 other cryptocurrencies.

To open your own and start trading on the Luno website, follow these instructions. Digital assets are risky, check out the Risk Disclosure Document on your platform of choice for more details and consider getting advice from a professional. Overall I think Luno is a great crypto exchange, but there are a few negatives that you should keep in mind before signing up.

Is Luno Safe to Use?

Company-wide, Luno uses SSL-secured channels and uses PGP encryption. Overall, the security at Luno looks functional – your coins will probably be safe with them. If you have an issue with your account, good luck getting to a human. Customer support on Luno is difficult to access and requires digging. Buying on Luno is seamless, but the user experience for selling could use some work. Unlike other exchanges, there’s no button allowing you to sell the entire contents of your wallet – the number needs to be entered manually.

It’s an easy to navigate, relatively straightforward crypto exchange that makes it easy for newcomers to jump right in and invest. The exchange also offers a mobile app with similarly clean design. In order to attract and retain more traders, Luno may need to expand its selection of cryptocurrencies and offer a wider range of assets for users to choose from. This would not only increase the platform’s appeal, but also help it grow and thrive in the competitive world of crypto. We found that Luno is not the best option for most crypto investors, since it only supports 9 different cryptocurrencies.

For customers, this mainly means that extensive documentation is required when opening a Luno Account. This can change based on country of residenceand deposit/withdrawal limits, but it’s safe to assume you’ll need at least a passport/drivers license/ national ID. As Luno is a global platform and offers their services to several countries, they support a good number of payment methods for convenient deposits and withdrawals.

If you want to withdraw money from your Luno wallet to your bank account, first ensure your ID is verified and your bank account is linked to Luno. Enter luno exchange review the amount you want to withdraw and select the bank you want to with draw to. You will be asked to enter your Luno pin code to confirm the withdrawal.

Purchase and sell Bitcoin/Ethereumwith fiat currencies like ZAR, NGN, e.t.c. There are fees for these transactions. Luno usesmulti-sig walletsto store the majority of customer funds in “deep freeze” storage. Practically, this means that attackers need to bypass two systems to get to those sweet, sweet coins. Luno has not been hacked, or at least has not acknowledged any security breaches publicly.

Luno is a reliable platform for trading because they use multi-stage security systems, including two-factor authentication and verification process. As regards the legality of Luno, there are no restrictions connected to it in supported countries listed in this Luno review. If you want to be sure about it, you can check laws concerning crypto trading in your country. Banks of Nigeria created BVNs to avoid frauds and attacks on the bank accounts of their clients.

If you’re looking for UK alternatives, then I think CoinJar has a great mobile and web interface – and works out a little cheaper too. The crypto exchange is no longer functional in Nigeria, ever since the Central Bank banned banks from accepting crypto transactions. With the Crypto.com app, you buy more than 170 cryptocurrencies by depositing GBP with a UK bank transfer – or directly with https://forex-review.net/ a debit card. There is an ever-growing number of places where you can buy cryptocurrency in the UK with a UK bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. While Luno provides services to Nigerian residents, it was recently forced to restrict local currency deposits and withdrawals by the Central Bank of Nigeria . Luno supports the use of credit cards and fiat currencies for transactions.

Since it is a web-based the platform requires no software download or installation. The platform is designed to be cross-platform meaning you can use a Windows-based computer or a Mac. Comparatively, the platform provided by Luno is one of the more advanced platforms that we find in the industry. It features advanced charts, real-time market feeds, trade history, CSV export and reporting and depth liquidity indicators. In simple words, Luno can be defined as a fiat/crypto to cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Most exchanges also conduct ID verification to comply with know your customer and anti-money laundering rules. As a repository of client money and personal identification information, centralized exchanges have a higher risk of becoming a victim of cyber hacking and theft. With 7+ years of market experience, it is considered safe and legit.

I don’t like the fact that I cannot contact Luno by phone.Also if you making a deposit and you misspell you can’t find you money. This table does not include all companies or all available products. Neither Bankrate nor this website endorses or recommends any companies or products. All communications and web services are transmitted through SSL secured channels. As a further security precaution, Luno also encrypts the wallet backups.

You can use any of these options to directly buy and sell crypto instantly. Users can send and receive bitcoin, ethereum and fiat by email, mobile phone number, QR code, or blockchain address . With the ability to easily convert your crypto into your local currency, Luno makes it easy to spend crypto.

In case you still have questions about this platform after reading Luno’s review, you can ask them in the comments or share your experience of working with this trading platform. The same situation is with instant purchases, and this is why you should always check the fee before the completion of the transaction. If you skip this step, you will be surprised by the amount Lwithdrawsdraw from your wallet for some operations. The system works like a taker maker exchange platform when the fee is taken only from buyers.

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